National Association of Trailer Manufacturers

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers was founded in 1987 as the National Association of Livestock Trailer Manufacturers. Members soon realized that all trailer manufacturers share common concerns and problems, and in 1992 “livestock” was dropped and the name was changed to the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM). The Association represents manufacturers who produce Light and Medium Duty Trailers. These trailers are constructed of aluminum, steel, and combinations of both, and are towed as a bumper pull or by a gooseneck coupler.

The Association is organized to promote, both to the industry and to the public, a universal recognition of safety and quality in the trailer manufacturing industry. Since its inception, NATM has worked to improve the trailer industry through the promotion of compliance with Federal Safety Regulations and selected industry standards. This has been done through education and the publication of the Guidelines for Recommended Minimum Manufacturing Practices for Light and Medium Duty (Guidelines). This publication is a compilation of federal rules, regulations, and best practices that govern trailer construction.


The Vision of NATM is to be “THE PREMIER” Association for the Light and Medium Duty Trailer Manufacturing Industry.


The Mission of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers is to unify the Light and Medium Duty Trailer Manufacturing Industry by:

  • Improving trailer safety and performance
  • Proactively addressing regulatory issues
  • Enhancing the image of the Industry
  • Providing educational tools and events and
  • Offering membership benefits and services.


WE BELIEVE in the concept of “excellence in service,” where the collective interests of our membership are our first consideration in the policy building and decision-making process.

WE BELIEVE our Association should be a part of, and not apart from, the industry it serves, striving to develop an open atmosphere of awareness and information.

WE BELIEVE in providing the highest quality service to our members.

WE BELIEVE in responsibility and responsiveness to our members.

WE BELIEVE in maintaining an Association that is progressive and effective in doing our business. We will conduct our business in a professional manner and with integrity as a foundation for all of our actions.